New Designs

So I want to release a number of different designs all based on the same enclosure. The same form factor, but different arrangements. I've got three simple designs worked out so far:

GB Mixer


This is the mixer section from my Ableton Mixer. It has the EQ crossfaders, gain controls, levels, and hi/lo pass filter. It also includes a rotary encoder in the top right. The EQ crossfaders will also control the six LED's to the left and right of the knobs.


Punch inĀ Rack


Again, a simple design. Using the Sanwa arcade buttons, you can punch in an effect, and modulate it using the knob to the left (or right) depending on which deck you're adding effects to. Releasing the button immediately cancels the effect, which lets you really get into the feel of punching in and out with the beat.

FX RackĀ 


A simple rack of FX. Turning a knob off it's stop will turn on the effect and fade in the LED. Intensity increases as you turn a knob up. This is a very simple design, but paired with the power of macro effects in Ableton, you can do a lot with it.