Working on the mixer...

So a few weeks back I posted a concept drawing: Design2

The power of this controller is that you have a Hi, Mid and Lo EQ crossfader down the middle of the controller, which lets you mix two tracks on three knobs as opposed to the regular six knobs on a standard DJ mixer (a Hi, Mid and Lo for each track). This is achieved by hard-coding each EQ crossfader to send two different signals to the computer. Then, within your DJ software, you can map the one knob to two tracks at once. Again, I'm a big fan of a simple physical interface that does a lot of work behind the scenes.

GBMixer2  GBMixer1

I've got the PCB done now and I'm putting together the software. Also, very exciting news! This specific build of this mixer will have custom graphics done by local artist Dylan Stinson! He's going to draw up some designs which I'm going to laser etch onto the faceplate. I'm really excited about the concept of collaborating with artists to give the controllers more personality. Stay tuned!