Holy smokes! It's been a little bit!

Ok, so my finace and I just bought a house. We have been suuuuper busy doing renovations and getting things settled. Apologies for the gap in posts! Never fear, there has been plenty of GB Midi project-doing , I just haven't had time to blog. Anyway, I have since completed the previously mentioned mixer, and it's working great. GBMixer


You'll notice the art! Holy smokes this is exciting. GB Midi now has a dedicated artist! Dylan Stinson (who I've know since grade 2) will be doing custom artwork! We import the hand drawn artwork into Corel Draw and then create a vector file which I can use on the laser engraver. It really gives the controllers a personal/unique feel as they are all original works of art. I will be making a finger drummer for Dylan with his own custom artwork on it, so stay tuned for that! I'm very excited about this collaboration!


Just a shout out, maybe someone from the community knows about this sort of thing: I'm hoping to get some high quality video shot of the mixers in action. This is proving to be difficult to organize. I am not a master of video editing and need to find someone who could produce some videos... If this sounds do-able to you, please shoot me an e-mail : garet@gbmidi.ca

Thanks for reading! - Garet

-I'm adding this as I just got the pics off the camera. Here's another finger drummer: