PCB Design in Lillooet

So I'm really enjoying this design. I'm building a classic Sanwa arcade button grid for a buddy. It's going to have a rainbow selection of Sanwa Arcade Buttons and some custom graphics on the faceplate. It will allow him to sync to a midi activated drum rack in Ableton live and let him jam out with some of Mad Zack's soundpacks. It's super groovy, all you need is 16 buttons in some sort of physical configuration and you can make some pretty sick beats. What I love about this music making method is the simplicity of the design. There aren't a gazillion knobs to confuse you, just some buttons that make noises. You don't even have to look at your monitor. PCB

Check out this youtube video demonstrating the concept (btw, the controllers in this vid are Midi Fighters, made by DJ Tech Tools):


Anyway, today I'm in Lillooet BC doing the PCB design for it at a coffee shop called the Rugged Bean. It's been a very relaxing afternoon :)