Stickybuds Custom Gear


So a very exciting weekend this weekend! Bonnie and I ripped down to Nelson BC for a Stickybuds show. This was a dual purpose trip. One, to dance our faces off and listen to some sweet electro-funk and two, to drop off his DJ gear! We met up this morning and I passed along the goods! I'm very confident he'll put this stuff to good use.

I've dropped a few hints, but here's the controller in all it's glory. Really happy with how this came out:

I might have gotten excited and made him a finger drummer too...

Learned a lot and really enjoyed this build. It was a great first big task for the Shapeoko, now that it's all rebuilt and running well. Stay tuned, I'll be embarking on another build very soon...

Shapeoko 3 running well!

Here's my CNC gantry mill with new control electronics working well. I was having issues with the USB control so I've switched to RS232. Sometimes the old ways are best. I'm very excited. This controller has been a while in the making, but it's coming to a close now. Much sanding and finishing to do, but should only be a week or two until it's done.